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Full Rim Metal Acetate Frames Rimless Titanium Semi-Rimless TR90 Frames Memory

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Nice variation on the complementary color scheme
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Price includes Reading,
Computer or Distance lenses *
Nice variation on the complementary color scheme
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Computer or Distance lenses *

The best of the Best
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Computer or Distance lenses *

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Buying Prescription Sunglasses online?

All of the Aus Specs prescription glasses can also be Prescription Sunglasses and when considering the damage the Australian Sun can do it is a highly recommended option and whats better still is that for a short time your can have your prescription sunglasses tinted for FREE.

The process of tinting prescription sunglasses is in fact a manual one where the lens is dyed to the desired tint depth percentage. This takes a little while longer to produce but is well worth the wait.

What Do I Need to buy Prescription Glasses online?

In fact all you need is the prescription your optometrist supplied to you at your last eye examination. If you did not get one, phone them and ask for a copy. You are legally entitle.
When you have the script simply choose a pair of eyeglasses frames and process them through the easy online ordering system. It really is that easy.
For more help on this please visit this page


Aus Specs. Quality Eyeglasses you can afford.

In September 2006 Aus Specs, pioneered by a small dedicated team, created the first online prescription glasses website specifically to offer some relief from the massive cost of prescription glasses in Australia.

Now in our 10th year and tens of thousands of happy clients later, Aus Specs is still helping Australians to save massive amounts on quality Prescription Eyeglasses..

Specifically, Aus Specs is a discount prescription eyeglasses on-line superstore providing high  quality reading glasses, distance glasses, bi-focals and multi-focal eyeglasses to the general public at the most affordable price in Australia.

Do not be fooled. With Aus Specs, cheap doesn't mean poor quality. Please scan over the real  feedback received from previous purchasers who confirm that they're extraordinarily pleased with their purchase from Aus Specs .[ client feedback ].

In fact, our first class quality eyeglasses are created by qualified optical engineers to the very best standards and we provide a full sixty day guarantee of quality with our  pledge against faulty craftsmanship and materials.

The quality is first class. Every pair  is extensively  checked before being shipped from our production  division direct to our customers. You can be assured that quality standards are maintained to the very best levels.

We fully invite you to obtain  a quote from the retail giants and compare the value. You'll be astounded at the huge savings for comparative  quality product through Aus Specs.

Health Funds : Being an Australia Company and a  Recognised Optical provider to the overwhelming majority of Health Funds, you not only get the best of quality but can get the most effective value from your insurance by claiming your new glasses from your fund *.

Not covered by a Health Fund,  you've undoubtedly found the right  place to buy top quality prescription glasses at Australia’s cheapest prices.
Many people have the impression that, after they visit the Optical specialist, they're obligated to shop for their new Prescription glasses from within the store. This is completely false.
Do not feel duty-bound to shop from the flashy place of business as you will pay through the nose !.

With our name for Quality Eyeglasses and Prescription Glasses, there's little question that Aus Specs is out and away the safest, best and most cost-effective choice for getting quality prescription glasses at the best possible price and with the convenience of shopping on-line


What our Clients are saying - Genuine Random Feedback [ More ..]

From : Tara ... Location : Parafield Gardens SA

Glasses arrived quickly exactly as described at a fraction of the cost. Keep up the great wolrk

From : B.M. Armstrong ... Location : Mosman NSW

Well the glasses arrived, only 12 days after ordering, and they're perfect. I was a little sceptical initially but was wrong to worry. The local optometrist quoted me $884.00 for what I wanted and you

... more...
From : Kate and Phil Taylor ... Location : The Basin, Victoria

Thankyou for our glasses. Great communication, glasses received within 14 days. Really happy with them, our prescriptions are perfect. Will definantly use you again. Thanks!

Are you looking for Professional advice and direction when it comes to buying Prescription Eyeglasses ?

Optiboard is a great source of valuable information about prescription glasses, how they are made and in fact everything you need to know to buy your new prescription glasses online. Visit Optiboard now ?

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* Glasses displayed above include quality single vision STANDARD 1.49 index (range +3 ~ -3) (Computer Only, Reading or Distance) . For Bi-focal please add $ 69.95 and Multi_focal please add $ 164.95 . Special optical requirements can incur extra cost. Registered Postage for Australia is $ 9.95

10% Off Across The Board Promotion - Some Extreme Prescription Values May Not Be Eligible


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