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Ordering Your New Glasses

Rimless Glasses Shapes

Problem with glasses


By far the best advice is to stick close to the measurements of your current glasses
until you gain the confidence to experiment a little.

A few mm either way should not be of great concern

If you do not have old glasses you will need to measure the thickness of your head from temple to temple.

With this measurement you can now look for a pair of glasses with a similar Total Width.
(see measuring your glasses below)

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how to measure your glasses

If not worn away you should find the measurements of your current glasses on the inside of one of the arms.

Generally it looks something like this: 52[ ] 18 145 These measurements relate to 52 is the lensdiameter,
18 is the bridge width and 145 is the arm length.

Lens diameter - The width across the widest part of the lens.

Bridge width - The width across the nose bridge.

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Unfortunately prescription lenses (unlike Chemist reading glasses) are
not an off-the-shelf item.

The lenses need to be made to each individuals requirements. This means they need to be ground, cut and shaped,
edges polished, coatings applied as required, fitted to the frame, quality checked and packaged and delivered

The complexity of the lens and the coatings required (e.g. tinting the lenses) can add up to 3 days to the process.

Although we use 2 lens laboratories they are both very busy.

On completion your glasses are shipped via Australia Post Express Parcel Post

Please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to get your new glasses
to you so all things being equal you should have your glasses in around 2 weeks from the date of order.

Tinting of these lenses is a manual process after the lens has been crafted.
This, along with complex Multifocal lenses can take longer to complete and deliver.

Postal charge is $ 9.95 in Australia

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Each pair of AusSpecs glasses is inspected by one of our four Registered Optometrists
to ensure the accuracy of the prescription and proper alignment of the frame. 

If there is a problem with your glasses when they arrive you need to let us know as soon as possible so we can
sort out the problem.

Your glasses are covered for 12 months for Faulty Workmanship. Breaking the frame or scratching the lenses is not warranted.

We assume script information provided you are accurate when you fill out the online order form.

If a script accompanies an order then we at AusSpecs accept responsibility if the glasses
are made to the incorrect information. We strongly encourage clients to send a copy of their script again with the order
(details in the [Contact Us] section).

If a prescription does not accompany the order then the client takes responsibility

If you find that your prescription discomforts you,† you may need to check with your optometrists to verify again

If your glasses need adjustments this is your responsibility and most local optical shops provide free adjustments on glasses. 

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Orders can only be changed within 24 Hours.

After that we cannot guarantee that any required changes can be effected and
in fact we state for the record that no alterations can be accepted after 24 hours.

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Q. How do I clean my glasses so they keep for longer?

A. ONLY wash your glasses in mild soap and water.

Forget all the fancy cleaners and buy a mild soap or even better a bottle of Baby Shampoo.
It should last you a long time and its cheap.

Never use Windex or similar as they contain ammonia

Dry the lenses with clean microfiber.

NEVER EVER use tissues to clean or dry your glasses. Tissues are made of wood fiber and will scratch your lenses

Please remember that chemicals in perfumes, sun block sweat etc can be acidic
and damage your lenses and in fact the frames as well.


Should you have any questions at all that you would like answered
please do not hesitate to contact us as we are keen to be of assistance if we can.

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