An overview of Computer / Reading Glasses ?

What are so called Computer Glasses

With the ever increasing use of computers in the workplace and the home it is becoming more and more important to have glasses that work well for reading both the computer screen and what is right in front of you at reading distance.

The answer depends on what you wish to use the glasses for.

Computer Only

  • If you simply want to read the computer screen with just one pair of glasses then you are in fact requiring Reading Glasses.
  • Yes that is correct but this needs a little clarification.
  • What is required is that the focal distance needs to be set at the distance you sit form the computer. This is generally around 80 cm whereas the focal distance for reading a book is around 40 cm.
  • To achieve this focal distance you need to ask your optometrist to measure your ADD value for the required distance you sit from the computer.


Computer and Reading.

  • There is nothing more annoying for some people when they find they have to remove the glasses used to read the computer and put on glasses to read the keyboard (for example).
  • This is where Computer/reading glasses come into their own.
  • Generally known as Enhanced Readers they in fact have two focal points similar to progressive lenses except in one important way. These lenses have on useful distance vision.
  • The reason for this is to make the most of the lens for the problem at hand.
  • When seeking this type of lens you will need to choose Multifocal/progressive lens from the AusSpecs online ordering system where the Enhanced Reader Lenses will be offered, depending on the strength of you script of course.

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