Free Eye Tests for Australian Citizens


Getting an eye test

Well what about this then. If you are an Australian Citizen, our wonderful Australian Government give us all a FREE Eye Tests every 2 years. Yes MediCare pays the bill for you, shame it is not like this for the Dentist ! still you can't ask for more than this now can you ?

There is a point to be made about this though. If MediCare is paying for your eye examination then the results of that examination belong to you, right ? The answer is a resounding YES.

So do not feel bad about asking for a copy so you can shop around for your prescription and Because the health of your eyes is so important the Australian Government through Medicare pays for your optometrist to examine your eyes and prescribe optical correction if required When visiting your Optical Store for an eye test you are required to pay for the test even if MediCare pays on your behalf.

Take full advantage of the Governments generosity and order you glasses online now