7 Easy Steps to Perfect Spectacles from AusSpecs

Professional Advice
The following is an overview of the order process.

The real trick with buying your eyeglasses from AusSpecs online is to choose a pair of frames that are right for you.

By far the best idea for first timers is to use your old specs as a guide in such things as lens height, Overall width etc..

There is some information on how to measure your old frames - [ here ]

Once you have chosen your frames the rest is a piece of cake :) .

Just follow the steps below and you should not go wrong. If you need any help at all please feel totally comfortable in contacting us and we certainly will help where we can ... That's what we are here for.

Step1 Choose a pair of glasses frames you are interested in and click on them to view more details
Step 2 Add the glasses to the Cart. Think of your Shopping Cart as your comparison list. You can up to 10 pairs to your cart at any one time to review them later then remove the ones you do not want.
Step 3 Go To the Shopping Cart and Click Next to process the glasses in your shopping cart. This does not mean you are buying anything but will give you an accurate quote when processing is complete
Step 4 Follow the steps and enter the details required by the online form. (wearers details, script details and tinting requirements).
Step 5 Order Summary - Shows you the massive saving you will make if you decide to buy your glasses from AusSpecs
If you would like another pair exactly the same it is at this point you have this option
Step 6 Payment Options If you are happy with your choice and the price then you are asked to fill in your personal details and continue on to purchase your glasses online by paying through ANZ eGate, PayPal or Bank Transfer
Step 7

New Clients - It is highly recommended that you send us a copy of your script.

You can email it as an attachment through the web site "Contact Us" section


If you need help with anything at all please feel free to contact us through the contact / help section of our site.


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