Some Valuable Links Pertaining to the fixing and adjusting your new frames

how to measure your glasses


One of the biggest concerns for people that have never purchased from over the internet before is "will they fit me ?"

The answer is simple. If you use your old glasses as a template to obtain the overall width and lens height .

They do not even have to be optical glasses. If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit you well then these will do fine.

One of the most important measurement is the overall width of the glasses.

For some unknown reason this measurement is not included on the arm of the glasses as the lens width bridge and arm length is.

We would suggest that you measure the Total Overall width of the glasses frame from outside to outside and use this measurement when searching for glasses.

A big point to note is that generally a few millimeters either way is not a problems so you do not have to be precise. Glasses are designed to be bent and adjusted to suit your face

At AusSpecs we catagorise our glasses into ;

Small : Small has an overall width of less than 128mm. These are generally for children and those with smaller heads

Medium : Medium has an overall with of between 128mm and 137mm. About average.

Large : Large has an overall greater than 137.

If you are uncertain of how to measure your glasses please check this link [ How to Measure My Glasses ]

OK so we happy that we know that the glasses are similar to my old pair so let's get started cause your new prescription glasse or prescription sunglasses are waiting just on the next page .... Let's Goooo :)