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Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses, yes we have all heard of them but lately there has been a bit of a shift in the definition on exactly what they are. This is because there is a differentiation required.

You have no doubt seen in the Chemist shops wracks of glasses called reading glasses or by their real name, magnifying glasses.

There are even people on the net that are selling these magnification glasses for very small amounts of money.

Is this wrong. Absolutely not but we must clarify this right up front. If all you need is magnifying glasses then this is great and you will save lots of money, but there is a warning in here somewhere if you need actual visual correction and continue to use just magnifying glasses you may well be damaging your eyes.

Food for thought :)

    OK I have got all that .... Let's Go Shopping !

Below is some Q & A that might spread a little more light on the subject...

What are Prescription Reading Glasses ?

Put simply Prescription Reading Glasses are Single Vision Spectacles that are manufactured to a prescription to suit your vision.

Can I buy Reading Glasses from the Chemist ?

Absolutely . If your prescription is one of a simple magnification there is no reason why not.

What are simple magnification glasses ?

On your prescription there will be ONLY a value in the ADD section and nothing else on the prescription. These are simple magnification glasses. Just be sure to get the correct magnifying lenses. e.g. if the script says +2 then that is what you want +2 magnifying glasses.

What if there are other values on the prescription ?

Then this is where you need the correct prescription glasses to suit your eyes.

What if I can still see ok with just magnification glasses.

This is a very common statement and one to be wary of. If your eyes require proper Optical glasses and you are straining the (even without realizing it ) you will be doing damage, maybe only slight to start but it is not worth the worry. AusSpecs sells Prescription Reading Glasses at such low cost there is no need to take any chances.

Can I have tinted Reading Glasses. ?


The glasses you buy from AusSpecs, although of excellent quality, are so inexpensive that many people have a pair of reading glasses specifically made into Prescription Sunglasses to sit in the sun reading their favorite book. This is much better for the health of your eyes than the reflected sunlight from a bright white page of a book.

How far is the reading distance

The industry average is about 40cm from your eyes to your book. This can vary so ensure that you optometrist measures this distance for you.

Can I have Reading Glasses and Distance glasses together in one frame.

Yes certainly but these glasses are called multi-focals or Progressives or even No Line Bifocals.

Question :
Can I have Reading Glasses and Computer Glasses in the same Lens

Answer ;
Again, yes these are certainly available but they are also multifocals of sorts but the distance porting of the lens is set to the computer distance (normally around 80cm)

How do I choose the right frame for my Reading Glasses?

That one is an easy. Just measure your current glasses and choose pretty much the same sizes and shape from the hundreds of glasses on offer on the Ausspecs website.

What are the lenses made of ?

Today the vast majority of lenses are made of a plastic material known as CR39 although quickly becoming very popular are the lenses made for Toughened. Although the Poly lenses can be made photochromic the option of standard tinting is not so easy. In this case the molecular structure of the Toughened is tightly bound together thus making adhesion of a tinted layer very difficult.

Do they protect me against Ultra Violet Light

The UV rating on all AusSpecs Reading Glasses 99% or better so this should be of no concern.

OK I understand all of that so take me to the the page where I can order these Reading Glasses Online !



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