Peace of mind 30 Days Returns Policy


Peace of mind Returns Policy.

At AusSpecs it is important to us that you are satisfied with the glasses you have purchased. That way we know you will keep coming back time after time and telling all of your friends about the quality and super low prices. Makes sense really.

When first purchasing your new glasses Online it is natural and normal to be a little concerned that you are doing the right thing and that the glasses will be exactly right for you. This is important to us as well and why we have extended the statutory warranty by adding our Returns Policy

Of course your specs are covered by your normal Statutory Warranty but we go further than this and add some extra benefits for your own peace of mind

Returns Policy

Standard Single Vision - If there is a defect with the lenses or the frame we have no hesitation in correcting the problem at no cost to you including the cost of freight both ways. If per chance you decide that you would like to return the glasses please contact us within the 30 days. When the glasses arrive we will refund you the full cost of the frame but as the lenses have been specifically made to your individual requirements the cost of the lens is deducted from the refund value. The cost of the lenses is 60% of the value of the order.

Multifocals - because multifocals, by their nature, take a little while to get used to, especially with a new prescription, we have a special peace of mind warranty for this type of lens. If after trying the new glasses for 28 days and you are still unable to get used to them you have 2 options. 1) You are welcome to return the glasses and swap the lenses to Bi-Focals instead of Multifocals or 2) Return the glasses and we will replace them with one pair of Reading Glasses and one pair of Distance Glasses. If the cost of the 2 pair replacement is greater that the multifocals then this extra cost you will need to cover this additional cost or again, we can replace them with a pair of Bi-Focal Lenses. Should these 2 option not suit the circumstance a further option is to return the glasses for a full refund of the advertised price of the frame (less any discounts given) excluding lenses and additions.

For full particulars and procedures check out our Warranty and Guidelines