Peace of Mind with Free script Checking Service

Free script Checking Service

At AusSpecs it is important to us that your glasses are made exactly to the optometrists script.

If you are new to ordering your glasses online from we strongly suggest that you send us a copy of your script and we can double check the script against your order once placed. Of course this is entirely your prerogative.

Scripts must be sent before the order is placed or at the time of ordering.

This service is not available once the order has been processed.

Need to send your script now ? There are a couple of ways

a) On the Contact Us Page there is an option to upload it the upload facility. There is a few small probs with this method even though it is the preferred method. First the file needs to be less than 200kb and it needs to be a jpg or pdf file.

b) Another option is to attach it to an email and send it to