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Many people think that the Optical Glasses cannot be tinted like sunglasses. Not true. You can most definitely have this done to your new glasses and even in a number of different shades.

Actually lenses are manually tinted in a solution and depends on the time in the solution, the darker or lighter the lens will be.

With Summer always somewhere in Australia, your eye protection an absolute must !

The time is NOW to get a pair of sunglasses made with your specific script.

Heres how to do it ....

When processing your order through the online system just choose the color you want and that’s it! With one click you have your sunglasses in the order summary ,add the discount code : tintsaver

in the order summary add the discount code : TINTSAVER

Remember that code is .... : TintSaver

Please be aware that tinting of lenses is a manual process and may add a few days to normal delivery times.


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Free Shipping for All Australian Orders Over $89

The cost of shipping these days has reached very high and prohibitive levels. For this reason AusSpecs strives to help keep the overall cost down by offering Free Australia Post Express shipping . See More Information Above

International Orders attract a AU$35.00 charge

free shipping across Australia


No Promotional discount code Required

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Discount Codes When, Where and What

Most, but not all, discount codes can be used with individual pairs of glasses.
The codes are entered in the Order Summary just prior to the checkout.
TwinPack Code is designed for multiple purchases. Once used, no further discounts can apply.
Only ONE discount code can apply to one pair of glasses. Discount codes cannot be cumulative.
Total Amount Dependent Discount Codes : These codes require a minimum purchase amount for EACH INDIVIDUAL pair
before they can be applied. These codes are not the aggregate of the full purchase price of multiple pairs

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