Twinpack - two pairs at Australias lowest prices


Twin Pack Super Special - 2 Pair for $ 87.95 - Use Code - twinpack


twin pack special - 2 pair for $74.95 - why pay moreQuick View :


1) Have one pair standard Reading and One Pair standard Distance

2) Two pair standard Reading and/or Distance

3) Two different material e.g.One pair Metal and One Pair Acetate

4) Two Different Model

5) Two (or more) twinpack discounts if you get multiple 2 pairs

6) Get the same discount off multifocals (just not the lenses)

7) Use two different Prescriptions


Actually, ANY of the Frames marked with the Specials two pair top quality eyeglasses  for just $87.95


1) Non Standard or Additional Lenses

2) Extra Coatings or tints

3) Shipping costs

This is a genuine offer where you can buy 2 pair of single vision, be they reading , distance (or one of each) from our Alloy or Fashion Range for just $ 87.95 .

This price is for our normal, high quality frames and lenses but Obviously does not include non-standard lenses, scripts, tints , extra coatings but the discount still applies to the base price of the glasses and any extras are added to the base price.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer simply choose 2 frames (or 4 or 6 etc) indicated by this two pair  for just $87.95 sign and put them into your shopping cart. (NOTE : If you want 2 identical pair just put one in the cart and duplicate it where appropriate)

While processing the second pair the price will be automatically adjusted to bring the cost to only $ 87.95 ..... For 2 Pairs ! Both Pairs must be purchased at the same time and this offer is not available with any other offers or discounts.

You can buy 2 Specially Marked Pairs and if the cost is Less than $ 87.95 then that is all you pay for the glasses !

Multifocals / BiFocal:
Yes - the 87.95 Twin Pack Special still applies. The only difference being that the multifocal / bi-focal lenses are an extra cost and as such is added to the glasses. You can of course order one pair of Progressives and a Single Vision pair if required.

Twinpack code cannot be used with any other discount code

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

OK Let's Go Shopping ! .....



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