What Do I Need to Buy New Specs Online


Buying Spectacle Online from AusSpecs should be a simple and worry free experience.

For new clients the easiest and safest way to get started is to choose a pair of our quality frames that are as close as possible to your existing Spectacles. As you gain more confidence you will find that the low price of our quality Spectacles allows you the freedom to experiment with colours and shapes and you may even wish to change your whole persona.

The only thing you need for us to be able to make your Prescription Spectacles is the Prescription.

The rest is very simple, just follow the steps in the online order form and receive your Spectacles direct to your door

Special Note : When you visit the Optometrist you pay them to examine your eyes and write you a prescription for the Spectacles you require.
Please remember that , even if Medi-Care picks up the bill, "you" have paid for the examination so you are entitle (by law) to a legible copy of this prescription and you are definitely under no obligation to buy your Spectacle from the store in which the Optometrist works. By all means obtain a quote for your Spectacles so you can see the massive savings you will make with AusSpecs.

Some facts about buying Prescription Spectacles from AusSpecs

  • Contrary to what many professionals in the industry will have you believe, spectacles can and are safely bought online from AusSpecs as our many thousands of clients will attest.
  • Multifocal adjustment. Multifocals may need adjusting to suit your facial features and position the focal points correctly. This is something you will need to either do yourself or have your optical professional do for you. This may be an inconvenience but far outweighed by the cost savings made.
  • An optical prescription is simply a mathematical formulae which AusSpecs professionals use to make you perfect Spectacles every time.
  • Multi-Focals (Progressives) can be supplied online by AusSpecs. Our unique formulae has been perfected over 10's of thousands of Multi-Focal Lenses.
  • With our Head Office in Kwinana Western Australia you can be assured that we are an Australian Registered Business which affords you the added security of dealing with local people if ever there is a problem.


Australia's Cheapest Prices :

We offer the lowest possible wholesale price to all Australians! As you possibly already know prices of the retail eyewear is exorbitantly high.

You can buy multiple pairs of eyeglasses in AusSpecs for the same price as one pair of eyeglasses from your local optical shop.

A pair of single focus reading or distance glasses cost around $150+ from the retail outlets. We offer the same quality, professionally manufactured spectacles at a fraction of the cost (apples for apples)!

Please check the price of Multi Focal (Progressive) glasses at your local retail outlet and then compare the AusSpecs for the same quality product and we believe you will be astounded at the savings.

High quality :

23 years manufacturing experience allows us to offer all customers a really low price while maintaining the highest quality products from our Kwinana, Canningvale, Sydney operations.

AusSpecs Lenses include (at no extra cost !) *

  • - UV protection coating
    - Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
    - Colorful , Stylish Glasses Hard Case
    - Quality Cleaning Cloth
    - Professional customer service
    - Free lens customizing of rimless glasses
    - Free Polished Edges on request.

  • Quality Inspection Each pair of AusSpecs glasses is inspected by our Optometrists to ensure the accuracy of the prescription and proper alignment of the frame.