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(1) Do-it-yourself methods to get rid of scratches from your glasses

(2) Things that you must know about ordering prescription glasses online

(3) How to understand your prescription for eye glasses with ease

(4) How to choose frames that complement your face

(5) Cleaning Your optical lenses

(6) Reading Glasses - A misleading Term

(7) Prescription glasses VS contact lenses; what to choose? (See what eyeglasses and Prescription Glasses are on offer)

(8) Eye infections and tips to aviod them

(9) Eye exercises that you should know about

(10) Prescription sunglasses for cyclist: should you buy them? (More information on prescription sunglasses)

(11) Things that frequent computer users must know - anti reflective coatings

(12) Things that you should do to keep your child’s eyes healthy

(13) Eye makeup and how to protect your eyes

(14) 5 eye disorders/diseases that you should be aware of

(15) A recent study proves that people who undergo cataract surgery are more likely to live longer

(16) Eye colours and their indications

(17) Mistakes that can cost your eyes dearly

(18) Eyes, Safe and sound for winter ?

(19) Common causes of red eyes that you should be aware of


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Do-it-yourself methods to get rid of scratches from your prescription glasses

Prescription glasses Eyeglasses are prone to suffer eventual damage, mostly in the form of scratches. If left unchecked, they can cause permanent damage to your eye gear rendering it unusable. Severe damage would require you to visit an optician; however, if the scratches are very light and are not affecting the visibility, you can self-repair them at home using basic household supplies. Although the do-it-yourself methods may not work in all cases but you must do some experimentation to maintain your glasses and keep them scratch-free. Here are some self-repair methods that you may try:
  • Toothpaste is a great cleanser for your specs. It can also help you get rid of minor scratches. Simply take a small amount of toothpaste on a soft cotton cloth and rub it on your glasses in a circular motion for a minute or two. Wipe them with a clean damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. You may also rinse your eye wear instead of wiping them. Repeat if required. Always use non-abrasive toothpaste. Clean your glasses with toothpaste regularly to make them shine like new.
  • Mix baking soda with water to make a thick paste. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on your glass. Rub it gently on a circular motion for a minute and wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • Armor etch, the glass etching compound can also be used for removing scratches from your plastic glasses; however, we do not recommend it. Using this compound required some precision and even a slight negligence can damage the outer coating of the glasses. Armor etch should never be used on glass.
  • You can even buff away the scratches using DVD/CD repair solutions. Simply spray it on your eye wear and wipe of off with a soft cloth.
  • The scratch repair solutions for watches can also be used for temporarily filling the scratches. Although such solutions will not remove the scratches, they will create a glossy film , thereby hiding them. Such glossy coating can cause lens glare, therefore, we advise you to use them with caution.
We at Ausspecs strongly recommend you to buy ones that have anti-scratch coating. They aren’t going to cost you much and an additional protective coating will increase their resistance to scratches. Never keep your specs in your pocket or handbag without enclosing them in their case or wrapping them in a soft cloth. Also, you must not use facial tissues and wipes to clean your eye gear. They are some of the most notorious products for causing scratches. Clean your lens every day with an eyeglass cleaner. This way, your expensive glasses will retain their new look for months and years to come.

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Things that you must know about ordering prescription glasses online "Things to know The trend of buying prescription glasses online is yet to get popular.

This is purely because of the misconceptions that potential buyers have in their mind.

We at Ausspecs spoke to many such potential buys and found that most of them doubt the quality of the glasses that are sold online.

Some of them also think that a face-to-face purchase is necessary to buy glasses that fit them properly.

We however, strongly recommend buying online. Although ordering glasses online can be little tricky, genuine sites such as Ausspecs will guide you to buy the most appropriate glasses that will fit your face as well as suit your personality. Further, shopping online can save you some precious dollars. Quality will never be an issue if you choose a reliable online store like ours. Here are a couple of things that you must keep in mind while buying online.

Before you order your glasses, visit an optometrist to have your eyes examined.This is a free gift from the government every 2 years. Request your prescription. It has all the details that you would need while ordering a new pair of eye gear wear. Understanding the prescription isn't easy but good online sellers such as Ausspecs will simply simplify things for you . If you need help with your script you are very welcome to fax your prescription at (08) 63231015 or email it to us at You are now ready to fill out the details mentioned on your prescription in our online form.

Unless you are totally comfortable with your current glasses it is best you have a prescription or if it’s more than 2 years old we strongly recommend you to evaluate your eyes and get a fresh prescription while ordering your glasses.

Filling out the online form can be little confusing because of the terminology involved in optometry. Moreover, the information on the prescription can be written in many different ways, so if you are not able to understand the values, please do not guess. Simply fax or email your prescription and we will advise you correctly

To buy glasses that fit you well, you will need to know your Pupillary distance abbreviated as PD. PD used to position the optical center of the glasses, so that they fit you well along with giving you a clear vision. This measurement is often not mentioned in the prescriptions because optometrists use this retention of the measurement to force you to return to their store to purchase your glasses.If PD is missing in your prescription, request your optometrist to check and provide you the measurement.

Apart from fitting, the material of frame is also an important thing to consider. Make sure you read the details before you order your prescription eyeglasses. We hope these details clear up the misconceptions along with helping you order the exact pair of glasses online. For further clarification, feel free to contact us and we would love to assist you.

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How to understand your prescription for eye glasses with ease

Whether you are buying your prescription eye glasses online or from any physical store, your prescription is the most major element that will help you buy the exact pair for your eyes. Reading and understanding your prescription is not as difficult as it appears and in fact a cursory overview is really all that is needed as you can leave it up to that professionals who fully understand the script. That said, for those that wish to delve a little deeper, we at AusSpecs are determined to help our customers choose the perfect pair of prescription eye glasses for them so that correct vision and absolute fitting will never bean issue for them. To make things easier for you, here is a simple explanation of the terms and abbreviations that are frequently mentioned on your prescription.

  • OD: Oculus Dexter is a Latin term meaning the right eye.
  • OS- Oculus Sinister is a Latin term meaning left eye.
  • These days clinics have become modernized and have started using RE (right eye) and LE (left eye) instead of the OD and OS that often confuses people.
  • SPH- This is an abbreviation of the term sphere. It is used by the doctors to define and correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. It basically indicates the power of the lens. Along with the number, you would see a plus or minus sign indicating the type of issue you have. If the sign is in minus (-) then you are having nearsightedness and if its plus (+) you are suffering from farsightedness.
  • CYL-It stands for Cylinder which measures astigmatism; a deviation in the spherical curvature of the eyes which results in distorted /blurred views. It is used by the doctors only if you have blurred vision. If you don’t have astigmatism your prescription will have no number or sign against this box.
  • Axis-It defines the degree at which the cylindrical lens must be aligned to ensure correct vision. Axis ranges from 1- 180 degree and is only applicable if you have astigmatism.
  • ADD- this term is used to denote the additional magnifying power that needs to be added at the bottom of your multi-focal lenses to correct presbyopia, a condition in which the eyes are/have partially lost their ability to focus on near objects. This condition is usually associated with  age.
  • Pupil/Pupillary distance-It defines the distance between the centers of the pupils of your eyes.
We hope our simple explanation will help you to understand and interpret your prescription. Interpreting will be much more required if you are buying online. We therefore, recommend you to check out our helpful guide on how to buy prescription eye glasses online.


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How to choose frames that complement your face

Choosing the exact frame that suits your face as well as addresses your visibility remains a challenge for many people.

Frames come in different colors and shapes but not all of them suit everyone.

They shouldn’t be only used for comfort and usability; instead they must be something that reflect your personality and enhance your look. Therefore, you must choose frames that can show off your style and make you look great.

It is now scientifically proven that we all have different face shapes. No matter what type of face you are gifted with, choosing the right pair of frames can enhance your looks.

If you are going to order your glasses from AusSpecs and are confused about choosing the right frame; here are some helpful tips that will help you. Frames for oval shaped faces Oval faces appear to be longer than their width, with forehead slightly wider than the jaw.

Such faces are one of the most common varieties. If you have an oval shaped face, always buy frames that are wider than the broader part of your face.  Walnut- shaped frames that are not too deep or narrow will suit almost everyone having an oval face. Rectangular frames look great on grownup men.

Rectangular faces Such people have a longer face with a square chin, a longer nose, and a strong jaw. If you are one of them, square frames will suit you the best and will make your face appear shorter and even. A frame with a low bridge will make your long nose appear shorter and will balance the overall appearance of your face.

Triangle faces  A triangular face may have a broad forehead. The width of the face narrows down and has a rounded chin.  Frames that are wider at the bottom will minimize the width of the upper part of the face and will give a balanced look.  Small squared-shaped frames or rounded frames would also look good on such faces. Choose frames that are made of light material and have soft colors. Rimless frames can also be a good option.  

Square faces Those with a square face have a strong jaw line and a broad forehead. Narrow frames particularly oval and round frames, having more width than depth can help you soften the angles of a square chin and will give an elongated look to the face.  Such frames will also give a soft look to the jaw line.

Round faces Basically round faces have full cheeks and a rounded chin, so you would need frames that will make your face appear longer than it is. Since the width and the length of a round face is proportionally similar, you must choose a frame that will give more clarity to your face as well as a wide look to your eyes. Angular narrow frames will help you achieve this. Frames that are more rectangular and wider will balance the shape of your face.

Pyramid faces Pyramid shaped faces has a narrow forehead, wider cheeks, and widest chin. Therefore, your frame should be something that adds weight to the upper part of your frame. Choose frame that has detailing on the upper part and is bright in color. Such frames will attract attention and will give an evenhanded look to you.   We At AusSpecs have a wide variety of frames designed to suit all face shapes and structures. All our frames are made of superior quality material in order to last longer. Ordering online from us is much easier than you can imagine. Check out our website for more details.


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Cleaning Your EyeGlasses

You know there are many ways to spend money needlessly and equally many ways to save it.

A classic example is spending good money on expensive cleaning fluids. Great for the retail stores but not for you.

I will share a simple and most effective trick for cleaning your glasses. Mild soap and warm water.

It works a treat and cost zip !

Some people mention that the nose pads tend to go green quicker. Maybe but these are easily replaced and your glasses will last a lot longer without scratches.

One thing I must stress as sternly as possible, never never use tissues to clean your glasses. Tissues are made from wood and are as good as sandpaper. It wont happen overnight but it will happen ! Eventually you will start to see a film like appearance on your lenses. These are in fact minute little scratches and they will cost you a new pair of glasses

Just a note. Scratch resistant coatings are just that, resistant. Lenses will scratch if you treat them roughly and then we look forward to seeing you again at


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Reading Glasses - A misleading Term

Well in fact it really can be and some of our long term clients have even been caught with people advertising Reading Glasses for only a few dollars only to find that they have not purchased what they expected.

So why is this misleading? well it is because these may well  be and usually are  just magnifying glasses that can be purchased at any Chemist Shop.

That being said, Is it safe to use Magnifying glasses ? Yes it  is perfectly fine to use these glasses if your prescription dictates only Plus (positive) value Spheres and they represent good value for a pair of glasses under $20

A word of warning though , if you have cylinder values, axis or prisms values on your prescription you need prescription glasses so steer well clear of magnifying glasses as there is every chance you will be damaging your eye. Just a little bit of information.

What if my script has Negative Sphere values, are these for reading. Nope. Just the opposite as these lenses are for distance viewing. can Distance and reading glasses to your own prescription for a pittance compared to the retail outlets


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Prescription glasses VS contact lenses; what to choose? glasses vs contacts

Making a choice is not an easy task.

While contacts provide you complete flexibility to play, run, and swim without bothering about breaking them, Optical glasses doesn’t require much maintenance. Both have their own limitation and the choice is purely based on personal preferences.

Below are some basic details about both of them. AusSpecs doesn’t recommend you any particular product but believes that the below mentioned information would help you make a better decision. Advantages of Spectacles -

They are easy to handle and this the reason why are extremely popular among people as compared to contact lenses.

They are thought to be cheaper than contact lenses, however, AusSpecs is strongly disagrees on the price difference. A good pair of eyeglasses can cost as much as or even more than contact lenses.

Fashionable. When chosen carefully, they can help you improve your looks. Many people feel they look smarter when they wear glasses while many others think glasses are a great way to balance their not-so-properly structured face.

The biggest advantage of is that they are visible and you can easily find them in case you forget them somewhere. Contacts, however, are difficult to find if they slip from your hand. You may have heard stories of people losing one of their lenses while cleaning their face. Chances of misplacing glasses are very less. Further they are long-lasting and easy to carry and this makes them a popular choice.

Correction glasses do not require any additional expenses such as special lens cleaning liquid. A soft piece of cloth is enough for cleaning them.

Glasses are free from natural factors; water, dirt, and sun cannot damage them. Contact lenses however, require a lot of safe use. Disadvantages of glasses

You have to handle them with care if you are playing any outdoor games. You may tie them around your neck using a string but AusSpecs suggests you not to use them while playing.

If your glasses break while you are still wearing it, your eyes may get damaged. Such cases are very rare Advantages of using contact lenses The biggest advantage of contact lenses is that they are smaller in size as compared to glasses and fit inside your eyes giving you complete flexibility to play, exercise, and do almost anything freely without concern for breakages. Disadvantage of contact lenses

Chances of eye infections are more in case of contact lenses. If you do not keep your lens clean, your eyes may get infected.

They need proper handling, as they are highly sensitive to the elements of surroundings such as dirt, sun, heat, etc.

Contact lenses need a lot of maintenance and cannot be used in a rough and tough way.

We hope our detailed explanation helps you choose the most appropriate option for you. Good luck!

Eye infections and tips to aviod them

Infection Tips

Eye infection is quite common among people.

Almost every one of us has suffered from various types eye diseases at least once in our lifetime.

Most of these infections are caused by various viruses and bacteria that usually spread due to low hygiene conditions. Itching, pain, swelling, redness, regular watery eyes are common symptoms of infection.

Thankfully, most of them are curable, through home remedies as well as through medication. AusSpecs, however believes that prevention is better than cure and therefore, suggests you to take care of this sensitive part of your body.

Here are some useful tips which you should follow in order to keep your eyes safe.

Most infections spread due to poor hygiene conditions, so make sure your surroundings are always clean.

If you work or stay at a place that has lots of dust, dirt, etc. chances of having an eye infection and even other diseases are high. Wash your hands before touching your eyes.

Dirty hands are more likely to carry dust particles and harmful bacteria to your eyes.

We also recommend you to use hand sanitizers.

Avoid rubbing your eyes while you are using your computer, and when you are cooking, driving, washing, etc. Keyboard, steering, broom, etc. are laden with harmful bacteria and viruses and are well known for causing eye diseases.

Use a separate towel or eye cleaning cloth.

Never share towels or handkerchiefs; chances of spreading infections are more in such cases.

Many forms of eye infections are transmittable.

Wash your eyes at a regular interval with clean and cold water in order to remove dust particles and other harmful infecting elements, if any.

Apart from cleaning, washing also provides relaxation to your eyes.

Computer users are more prone to eye diseases. You should use an anti-glare screen.

Also, give breaks to your eyes; go for a short walk till the coffee machine, look out of the window and watch the distant objects, or simply close your eyes for a few seconds or a minute. This will provide relaxation to your eyes.

Visual breaks are extremely important for people who work on computers for long.

Wear sun glasses to protect your eyes from sun as well as dust and dirt.

Remove makeup from your eye completely before going to bed. Never leave cosmetics on your eyes for long.

Clean your glasses properly with a soft cloth properly. Never store them in your handbag or place them on dirty tables. Keep them clean, so that they do not transfer infection causing viruses and bacteria to your eyes.

If you wear a contact lens, make sure you clean them as prescribed. Unclean lenses are one of the major reasons of eye diseases.

Don’t wear contact lens if you are having eye-infection, as it can re-infect you eyes.

Never ever share your sunglasses, contact lens, and spectacles with others, as eye infections are easily transmittable.

AusSpecs urge you to take proper care of eyes and go for regular check-ups to detect any early symptoms of diseases.

Have happy eyes!


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Eye exercises that you should know about

Eye Exercise keeps your body fit and therefore, AusSpecs strongly recommend you to exercise your eyes everyday to keep them fit and fine. Just like your body and mind, your eyes also get stressed and strained by dealing with all the day’s activities. Exercising is a great way to relax them. Many exercises are considered to help improving vision as well, however, AusSpecs do not advocate them due to lack of medical evidence. Nevertheless, exercising your eyes is sure to protect them from getting strained. Whether you are a busy professional or a stay-at-home mom, below are some exercises that will take only few minutes to soothe your eyes. You must try them.

Most people won’t consider it as an exercise but blinking is actually an extremely helpful process for your eyes. We blink involuntarily whenever we are awake but most people don’t know their blinking rates are lower than what they should be. People blink less when they are using PCs, mobiles, playing video games, or watching Television. Since more concentration is required to do such activities, people involuntarily blink less. Voluntary blinking is therefore, strongly recommended for them. Blink you eyes for 3-4 seconds at regular intervals. Initially you may find it little odd but slowly, you will develop the habit of blinking your eyes voluntarily. Blinking will keep your eyes fresh and hydrated.

Close your eyes slightly hard for 5 minutes and open slowly. This is a very relaxing exercise for strained eyes and is most recommended for people who use computers for long hours.

Whenever you feel your eyes are tired, massage your eyebrows and forehead lightly using your fingers.  Start from the centre of your forehead and massage along the eyebrows by moving your fingers in a circle motion. Repeat the process for 5 to 6 times and then massage your eyes very lightly in circular motion. You can do it during your lunch breaks, coffee breaks, or at night before sleeping.

Eyelid massage is also great. Just close your eyes and massage them by moving your fingers in circular way over your eyelids.

Cold compress is also found to be very relaxing for eyes. Wet a towel with ice cold water, squeeze it properly, put it on your eyes for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and press it lightly on closed eyelids, focusing on your eyebrows. Repeat it at least 5 to 8 times. Cold compress is very helpful for people who are suffering from dry eyes.

Rotate your pupil in clockwise and anti-clock wise directions for 3- 4 minutes at least 2 times a day. Blink in between each rotation. Keep your head, neck and body fixed and move your pupil to look up, down, sidewise, left, right, etc. Don’t force your eyes if they are not moving in any particular direction. Your eyes get tired constantly looking straight and this exercise is sure to break their monotony.

Go to a park, a playground, or in your backyard. Look at any object that is quite far away, concentrate on it for a few seconds, and then suddenly move your eyes to look at any object that is too close to you, maybe your nose. Focus on it for a few seconds and repeat this exercise for at least 10 times. Do not to move your head and body; only exercise the eyes.

Relaxing your eyes is as important as relaxing your mind and muscles, so make sure you take out some time everyday for your eyes. Good luck!

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Prescription sunglasses for cyclist: should you buy them?

Sunglasses protect your eyes against sun glare along with styling your looks. They keep your eyes safe from the burning sun, at the same time, keep away the dirt and dust. If you are a cyclist, sunglasses are simply indispensable for you. We at AusSpecs highly recommend you to buy prescription sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. If you haven’t yet considered buying one, here is why you must invest in a good pair of prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses are basically sunglasses providing vision correction as well. If you have an eye problem, you must need lenses that will provide anti-glare benefit along with correcting your vision. We do not recommend contact lenses to cyclists. Lenses will dry out easily along with collecting lots of dirt, which may further damage the lens and even cause eye infections. The safer alternative to vision correction for cyclists is to use prescription sunglasses.

When you are cycling, your eyes are more prone to become dry. This is because; they have to face the wind that will quickly dry them out. If you continue ignoring this, soon you will suffer from dry eyes. Wearing prescription sunglasses is one of the easiest ways to avoid this problem.   Whether you are cycling against the wind or in the direction of the wind, glasses will avoid the wind from reaching your eyes.

Prescription cycling glasses have clarity throughout their body and make it easier for you to see ahead. Apart from cycling, we also recommend Spectacles for many other sports.

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Things that frequent computer users  Should know

The advancement in technology has made computers indispensable for every human being. Whether you are a busy professional who has no other alternative apart from using your PC or a stay-at-home-mom who is on a look out for parenting tips, computers are our only way to access the vast knowledge that exists on the World Wide Web. With increasing dependency, the amount of time we spend in front of computers has also increased dramatically. However, most of us are worried about one common big issue, the extent of damage that our eyes have to suffer. The age old saying that watching too much TV or using computer for too long will make your eyes go square may not be true but it is scientifically proven that using computers for long hours can damage your eyes. The damage is usually temporary and if left unattended, it may become severe and might cause permanent damage. Some of the temporary issues that are often found in frequent computer users are headaches, itchy eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, burning sensation in eyes, etc. The main reason for such issues is eyestrain that occurs due to overworking. When you overwork, your eyes also get strained but straining is more severe when you overwork on your PC i.e. look at the screen for extended hours without frequent breaks. The glare that comes out of the screen of your laptop or PC is also a big reason for eyestrain.

We at AusSpecs highly recommend you to use anti-glare while using your PC for long hours. If you don’t have anti-glare coating on your lenses, it’s high time you must buy a new pair or coat the existing ones. The glare coming from the screen makes it difficult for your eyes to see the screen and this strains your eyes. Using antiglare coated along with anti-glare PC screens will minimize the strain and keep your eyes healthy. Apart from using anti-glare screens , here are some tips that will help you keep your eyes happy and safe.

Anti Reflective CoatingThis is an example of fluro lights indicating a green reflection which shows that anti-reflective coating has been applied to the glasses






Make sure the screen of your PC or laptop is positioned in a way that you have to look straight and slightly down. This is the natural way our eyes look at things.

Tilting the screen will prevent the glare from striking your eyes. Reflections bouncing from the ceiling will also be minimized.

Having screen at odd positions or angles can increase the strain. Never have your screen positioned higher than your eye level.

You should maintain appropriate distance from the screen. The minimum recommended distance is 18 to 20 inches.

Most people don’t realize that they blink less when they are using PCs. Blinking lubricates our eyes and when you blink less your eyes tend to dry out quickly and get tired. Other symptoms of dry eyes include redness and watery eyes. You therefore, must make a conscious effort to blink more.

We agree that avoiding laptops and PCs is not possible in this tech age, therefore, AusSpecs recommend you to take appropriate care of your eyes so that they suffer minimum damage.

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Things that you should do to keep your child’s eyes healthy


through the eyes of a child

With worsening lifestyle, health has become a major issue for everyone; be it adults or kids.

The fast-forward life and increased dependency ongadgets have severely affected our health.

Kids suffer the majority ofdamage and the worst part is that most parents don’t realize this unless they get their little ones’ eyes examined.

AusSpecs however, stronglyrecommend you to take out some time from your busy schedule and take allnecessary steps that will ensure a healthy vision and a healthy life for the little ones.

Here are some suggestions that you might  consider in orderto keep your child’s eye safe and healthy.

Regular checkups Kids, especially the ones who are less than 5 years old, are too young to express themselves properly. They are very unpredictable and may even ignore their vision issues. They may not even tell their parents that theyare having trouble seeing objects. Therefore, AusSpecs strongly recommend you to take your child for an eye checkup at least twice a year. If you have a family history of myopia, you must treat this seriously. Look for signs such as child rubbing eyes while reading or stumbling more often.Once your child becomes mature enough to express his problems, you might not have to bother much but we strongly recommend regular checkups for everyone; be it your child or you.

Ensure a healthy diet Unhealthy, improper, and irregular diet is a major cause for bad health ofthe body including eyes. Although it is difficult to control what your kids eat, especially if they are  fussy eaters, we highly recommend you to ensure you child has a healthy diet that is rich in protein and other vital nutrients required for good vision. Meat, fish, egg, milk, green leafy vegetables, raw vegetables such as carrot, fruits, etc. should be a part of their diet. Sneaking nutrition into their diet isn’t easy but you as a mother have to be on your toes to accomplish this.

Minimize their exposure to screens It would be near on impossible to stop your child from playing video games or watching television but make a constant effort to minimize the amount of time they spend in front of these equipments. Engage them in outdoor play so that they don’t get addicted to TV and computer. Teach them the basic eye exercises and encourage them to blink voluntarily when watching TV or when using a PC. Ask them to take frequent breaks and even wash their eyes. The Gen X cannot stay without gluing to the electronic gadgets but instead of sounding helpless, you as a concern parent should make extra efforts to ensure that they stay healthy.

No touching- Try to educate your kids to not touch their eye with his dirty hands. Kids often keep rubbing their eyes and this is a bad habit. It may lead to conjunctivitis. Keep their hands clean and teach them not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth unless required. We hope you find these tips helpful. For more interesting information on eye care and glasses for kids , keep reading our blog.

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Eye makeup and how to protect your eyes



Eye makeup and how to protect your eyes Your eyes undeniably attract most of the attention of people and therefore, eye makeup is frequently considered as the quickest way to enhance your overall looks. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a busy professional, we all want to look our best and avoiding eye makeup is simply impossible for us. Cosmetics however, are harmful for eyes. They can cause temporary as well as permanent damage. We do not intend to scare you but this is true. With little precaution, you can however, minimize the damage that these chemicals cause. Here is what you must do in order to keep your eyes safe.

Do not use old makeup, especially the liquid ones. Bacteria quickly grows in the liquid based makeup and therefore, you must replace your eye makeup as frequently as you can, probably after three months.

Although good quality makeup has preservatives to minimize bacterial growth, you should avoid using them for long periods. People who use prescription glasses may use their cosmetics for a longer duration than contact lens users. Sure this will affect your budget but your eyes will be safe. To minimize expenses, always buy smaller packages that you could finish up within a few months. Be a smart buyer; plan your wardrobe in such a way that a few shades will work for your entire wardrobe.

Never share makeup and applicators. Makeup brushes are one of the biggest carriers of germs, so make sure you use your own products and accessories. If you are going for professional makeup, ask the makeup artist to use disposable applicators, at least the ones that will directly come in contact with your eyes.

Never go to bed with makeup. Your busy schedule must be leaving your exhausted every night but make sure you take out a few minutes to remove your eye makeup and clean your eyes. Use a good quality makeup remover. If possible, wash your eyes and face to remove all traces of makeup. If not cleaned properly, your eyes may get itchy and may even suffer from redness and dryness.

Wear contact lenses before applying makeup and remove them before removing makeup. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your contact lens to ensure there are no makeup traces on your fingers. Contact lenses should not get makeup on them.

Makeup traces can block the oil glands of your eyes. To minimize this, always wear makeup outside the lash line.

Avoid glitter eye makeup as much as possible, especially if you have dry eyes. It is one of the major causes of eye infection.

If you have recently undergone an eye surgery or are under medication for any eye problem, we suggest you to consult your doctor before using any form of makeup. Your eyes are the windows to this beautiful world, therefore, take appropriate precaution to ensure their good health.

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5 eye disorders/diseases that you should be aware of

The fast forward life of the 21st century has degraded the quality of life we live.

The deteriorating lifestyle of the modern age leaves us with less or almost no time to care for our healthy and this is affecting our body.

One of the organs that suffer the most of the damage is our eyes. Be it the most common and inevitable dry eyes or the increasing number of people with blurred vision; we are more prone to eye diseases these days. AusSpecs urge you to take out at least a few minutes every day to plan a healthy menu and exercise towards a healthier life. Along with this, we also recommend you to listen to your body and identify if your body; especially your eyes are at risks. Here are some common eye problems that people often suffer from along with their signs. We suggest you to go through and in case you are facing any such problem, consult your doctor immediately.

Cataract Cataract is an eye disease in which cloudy patches gradually develop within the lens of the eyes, thereby decreasing your vision. The most common symptom associated with cataract is blurred vision. When the lens is cloudy, light will not pass through it easily and will create blurred images. Cataract can develop in one or both eyes simultaneously. If the cloudiness in the eye reaches an extreme level, a cataract surgery is the most successful way to repair it. Presbyopia Presbyopia, means the "old eyes". It is a vision disorder that is normally expected at the age of 40-50 years and continues to progress till the age of 65. The lenses of the presbyopia-affected eyes become less flexible, thereby, diminishing their ability to focus on close objects. Prescription glasses or multifocal contact lenses are often used by presbyopic patients to magnify small objects so they can see them clearly.

Glaucoma Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the eyes’ optic nerves get damages, thereby affecting your vision. Optical nerves send signals of the images that you see to the brain for processing and when they get damaged, they will not transmit the signals properly. In this form of eye disorder, the normal fluid pressure inside the eyes slowly rises, resulting in vision loss. Laser surgery is one of the most successful treatment options for glaucoma patients.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness: People suffering from nearsightedness find it difficult to see distant objects but can clearly see nearby objects. Individuals with farsightedness can focus distant objects more clearly that close objects. These eye problems are not age specific and can be easily corrected by using prescribed glasses or contact lenses.

Macular Degeneration Macula is an oval-shaped discolored small spot near the center of the retina that transmits images to your brain. As it deteriorates, it causes loss of central vision. Macular degeneration is of two types; dry and wet. While there is no known treatment for dry version, wet form may respond to laser procedures, if you get it diagnosed and treated early. Vision impairment may rob you of your quality of life. It may affect your routine activities and your ability to read, write, or drive. We at AusSpecs urge you not to ignore even the minutest issue that you might have. Early detection and right treatment can save your sight.


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A recent study proves that people who undergo cataract surgery are more likely to live longer


Good news for people who have undergone or are planning to undergo cataract surgery to correct their visual impairment!

As per a recent Australian Cohort study that was published in the September 2013 issue of ‘Ophthalmology’, the official journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, cataract surgery is found to have improved the longevity of human beings.

As per this study, the surgery can reduce mortality risk by 40%.

A clinical study was conducted on older Australian population who had eye problems that required Cataract surgery.

A total of 354 people were evaluated for around 15 years to conclude the results.

The sample population was divided among two groups; one that had cataract surgery to correct their vision impairment and one that chose not to go for it. Apart from the baseline exam that was conducted in 1992, these people were evaluated after 5 and ten years.

This research therefore, proves that cataract surgery not only cures your eyes but also has a positive impact on your health. The researchers aren’t able to clearly identify the reason why cataract surgery improves longevity but feel that this could be due to improvement in lifestyle of people who have undergone surgery.

Visual correction boosts confidence among the elderly people and also makes them emotionally strong.

This leads to overall improvement in lifestyle and probably this is the reason why cataract surgery is found to be beneficial for them. Cataract is caused due to clouding of lens that usually affects elderly people.

Almost half of the Australian population above 50 suffers from cataract.

This disease is treatable and surgery is considered to the most common treatment option. It is basically a procedure in which the opaque, clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens.

If you are someone who has been avoiding cataract surgery for any reason, AusSpecs strongly recommend you to go for it. Keep reading this blog for more such helpful information.

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Eye colours and their indications


Eye Coloring

The colour of your eyes is genetically decided.

However, in human beings, there are three major eye colours; blue, brown, and green.

Out of these, brown is much more prevalent than any other eye colour. Hazel and gray coloured iris are also found in human but in a very few number.

From time immemorial, eye colours are used as an indication of personality.

Various researches have been conducted to establish the relationship between eye colour and human personality but as of now, no concrete result has been found. However, based on some popular belief, here is what your eye colour could indicate.

Brown : People with brown eyes are considered to be mentally strong. They don’t get carried away by emotions and are not at all materialistic. Such people are close to nature.People with brown eyes are very attractive physically as well as emotionally. For ages, they are known to be trustworthy and are ready to dedicate their entire lives for people who believe them. If you have brown eyes you are supposed to be very kind and cheerful.

Blue: This is the most beautiful eye colour ever known to mankind.

Blue eyed people are therefore, considered to be very beautiful. They value relationship the most and will do every possible thing to continue their association with others. If you have blue eyes, you are supposed to be straightforward.

You will not hide things and will not hesitate to speak for truth. Such people are excellent observers.

Green: Green eyed people have a strong belief in god.

They are spiritual, vibrant, and lovable. They believe in peace. By nature, they are extremely creative. Green eyes are also very appealing and as such, green eyed individuals have a magnetic appeal in them that attracts everyone around. They are the worshippers of love and get involved in ever lasting relationships. Gray: People having gray eyes are very sensitive but the positive attitude in them is that they very strong and even if they are hurt, they will not lose their inner strength. Gray eyes are deep and look like they have a hidden secret in them. Such people know how to adjust themselves in various situations and can easily manipulate themselves according to the demand.

Black: Black eyes look sensuous. Black eyed people are not very common. Such people are not very friendly and do not trust people easily. They live a simple life and do not believe in sharing secrets with others. The above mentioned information is based on popular belief and may not have any scientific backing. AusSpecs doesn’t take responsibility for authenticity of the information.

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Added 17/09/2014

Mistakes that can cost your eyes dearly
Loss of vision is perhaps the biggest loss we could ever suffer from. Our eyes give us the ability to see our life, people we live with, places we visit, and sometimes even hear the unsaid words. Without proper vision, our life will be incomplete. The saddest part is that most of us don’t know which action of ours affect our eyes and how. AusSpecs here is listing down a few things that can influence your eyes badly even before you could realize.
Do not strain your eyes
This is easier said than done. The fast forward life that we life is full of stresses and strain. How can our eyes stay away from strain? Well, you need to think about it and come up with a solution before it leaves you visionless. Also, do not rub your eyes a lot. The skin around your eyes is very soft and if you rub it too tight, the blood vessels may get damaged leaving you with puffy eyes. This can also cause dark circles.
Avoid smoking
We all know that smoking is injurious to health but did you know that your eyes are more prone to suffer the brunt than your lungs? It is now scientifically proven that smoking can damage your eyes badly. Cataract, macular degeneration, dry eyes, and asthenopia are some of the common diseases that smokers have more chances of suffering. In fact, smokers are four times more prone to these vision disorders than the non-smokers. If you are addicted to smoking, it’s high time you must look for quitting it.
Don’t survive on fast food
Life has become so busy these days that we barely have time to enjoy our food. The new generation and even the seniors have started consuming more of fast food. Sure that is a better option than staying hungry but in long run, it will be more harmful. You may not be able to realize the consequence now but over the years, your body including your eyes will start aging earlier than it should. A healthy, nutrition-rich diet is therefore, mandatory for you irrespective of how busy you are. Fishes such as salmon, green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. should be a part of your daily diet.
Do not ignore your sleep
Sleeplessness can cost you dearly. It can not only affect your life today but also for ever. Lack of sleep accelerates aging. Your skin, eyes, and entire body will start looking aged before you could even realize. Dark circles, dry eyes, blurry vision, and blood shots are some other problems that you will soon start facing. Whether you are busy mom or a top notch professional, you must ensure a good amount of sleep.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all you need to do in order to keep your eyes safe and healthy. Good luck!


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Eyes, safe and healthy during winter

Skiing for hours, sitting around the fire, and playing fun indoor games; who doesn’t love winters! The relief from scorching summers certainly makes the cold season perfect time to rejoice but most people don’t know that they need to be very careful during winters to protect their eyes from any potential damage. Sure the hot humid summer months are dangerous for your eyes but even the winter season requires you to take care of these vital organs of your body in order to prevent them from getting dry and itchy. Here are 5 things that you must do during winters in order to keep them safe and healthy:

Continue wearing sunglasses
Sunglasses offer excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Good quality sunglasses can prevent almost 99% UV rays from entering your eyes. If you love staying outdoors during winters to enjoy the warmth of sun, we at AusSpecs strongly recommend you to wear them whenever you are out. Irrespective of the weather, sunlight consists of harmful UV rays that can cause vision damage. Further, snow reflects a lot of light which can make it difficult for you to see clearly and can even strain your eyes. Sunglasses are excellent protective gear and therefore, you must use them throughout the year. They also protect your eyes from cold wind that can dry them out.
If you wear contact lenses, start using rewetting solutions

Contact lens absorbs a lot of moisture. Further, when exposed to cold wind, your eyes dry out. If the lenses start drying out as well, they may change their shape and stick to your eyes badly, thereby making it difficult and painful for you to remove them. We at AusSpecs therefore, strongly urge you to consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe you artificial tears or any other rewetting solution to keep them hydrated.
If you use a heater, use a humidifier

To stay cosy, people often use heaters at their home. Although these heating equipments help you stay warm and comfortable, using heaters can cause irritation and dryness in your eyes. This is because; the heaters dry out the air in the room and can even dry your eyes and skin. We therefore, recommend you to use a humidifier along with a heater to keep the moisture levels normal. If you still have itchy eyes, use artificial eye lubricants to keep them moist.

Winter is a lovely season but it is notorious for drying out your skin and eyes. Drink as much water as you can to keep your body including your eyes hydrated and healthy

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Common causes of red eyes that you should be aware of
Red eye is a harmless condition in which, the eyes look red and may be associated with swelling and/or irritation. It is one of the most common type of eye problems that is curable and isn’t very risky in most cases. Sleeplessness, allergy, fatigue, infections, etc. are some of the common factors for redness on eyes. It is usually painless but should not be ignored in any case. Red eyes may not be a sign of medical emergency but if ignored it may cause severe problem. We at AusSpecs, therefore, recommend you to consult your doctor instead of ignoring it. Although it is difficult for you to find out the exact reason for redness, here are some common causes for red eyes that you must know.

  • Conjunctivitis: Also known as pink eye, this is basically an infection that makes your eyes look red. It is caused by allergies or by bacteria or viruses. This is one of the most causes of red eye and is completely curable.
  • Dry eyes: If your eyes are not properly hydrated, they will be irritated and will eventually turn red. Tears are our eyes’ protective measures that keep them lubricated and nourished. When your eyes become dry, they become inflamed leading to dilation of blood vessels that will make your eyes become red. Many are amazed by the fact that when you have dry eyes they will be excessively watery.
  • Redness in eyes can also occur due to contact lenses. If your lenses have become excessively dry, they may irritate your eyes and make them turn red. Lubricating drops can provide you some relief but if the redness persists for more than a day to two, you must consult your doctor immediately.
  • Redness is one of the symptoms of Uveitis, an eye disease that is caused due to inflammation of the uvea. Apart from redness, some other symptoms of this disease are blurred vision, floaters in the eyes, and increased light sensitivity. If you are witnessing any or all of these conditions, you must consult your doctor immediately, as Uveitis, if ignored, can cause serious complications.

Apart from these, redness in eyes can occur due to many other reasons ranging from the not-so-significant ones such as fatigue and allergy to the serious issues that would require immediate attention such as subconjunctival haemorrhage, acute angle-closure glaucoma, and many others. If redness persists for more than 12 hours and/or is associated with discomfort, AusSpecs suggests you to seek medical attention immediately.

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