AusSpecs Eyeglasses Newsletter


AusSpecs 2018 NEWS LETTER.

Hello and thank you for reading our once a year newsletter.

A great many things have happened in the last year .

It has been tough for many with the economic situation tight. This makes our mission to supply quality specs at the cheapest possible price needed now more than ever.


We are pretty proud of ourselves and our new website and invite you to stop by and have a look at the site

With the new site we have bought the old one into the 21st century while concentrating on making the site the easiest Optical Provider site in the world to use.

We have even introduced a voice assistant on Glasses Usage and Lenses types.
(just click on a speaker to be found on the website)

For the first time in 11 years we can say that the AusSpecs site is Mobile Friendly and not before time. Due to the Nature of Mobiles it is still a little difficult using a Mobile but that is the nature of the beast 🙁

Now you will find this little speaker next to some of the more tricky bits throughout the site. Just Click the speaker to get a verbal description of what you need help with. Especially useful in describing the intricacies of the lenses. A great innovation.

Contacting us and sending scripts is now even better. To make life a little easier we have increased the upload amount in the “Contact Us” Section to 5 Mb

Yeah we agree… these things a totally annoying but necessary. It saves someone sifting through the 100s of spam emails we get every day … sorry : ( The captcha is on the contact us page )

We have even taken a serious look at Instagram, facebook, twitter and Google +

Google +

SECURITY is (and has been for a while now) a Secure Site secured by encryption by Comodo; Further to this AusSpecs does not ask for or retain your Credit Card details. Everything is done on the PayPal or ANZ Egate sites.

AusSpecs is 100% Australian owned and operated, has been online for Eleven Years and are trusted providers to virtually all Australian Health Funds (Only 2 exceptions are MBP and HCF)



Drop Shipping companies:
Just a word of advice. Beware drop shippers. Many have come and gone in the last year leaving clients in the lurch. Drop shipping is where a seller takes an order without actually owning any stock of frames or lenses then gets the Chinese or Indian supplier to send the glasses direct to the client without any checking or Q&A. When a problem arises be assured that the supplier is not interested in your plight and you generally lose your money. Very dangerous and very common.


P.S. We would love to hear your feedback on the new site Visit the site now ?