Benefits of wearing Sunglasses while Driving

Sunglasses act as a shield against the glare while driving, which delivers better visibility, keeping you and everyone with you safe on the road.  These days you can find plenty of sunglasses in the market such as Polarized, Photochromic, Polycarbonate and many more with each one with its unique feature.

Extreme power and distracting reflections can harm visibility while driving and be the cause of an accident. If you have the window down or you’re riding, dry winds and dust are additional distractions to deal with.

The right sunglasses can also protect from dust and even strong winds.  The sunglasses also help in preventing the maximum accidents which are caused because of the light reflecting on the driver’s eye and due to dust on biker’s eye sometimes. The polarized sunglasses prevent glare on the road. Use the following range of sunglasses for your next trip: –

Strong Sunlight – 70% to 85% tint,

Medium Sunlight– 40% to 55% Tint

Low sunlight- 15 to 30% Tint

And the people should prevent using dark lens glasses less than 5% to 10% as it will not be so effective in preventing the harmful rays. Driving for a long time without sunglasses may also cause eye strain, wrinkles, sensitive skin around eyes and black marks. To avoid these kinds of problems you need to use the glasses before you experience any damage.  Some people while driving in the bright sunlight will suffer eye-watering which can be prevented by using the right glasses.  Even day-night glasses can be also used to avoid the reflection and direct light on the eye from the other car lights.

AusSpecs provides a wide range of glasses which will help you to overcome these issues caused while driving and helps to keep your eyesight healthy and active.  And choose among the best according to your needs.  Hence, it’s better to be proactive than reactive which may cost you and your passenger’s life.