Cleaning Your optical lenses

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Cleaning Your optical lenses

You know there are many ways to spend money needlessly and equally many ways to save it.

A classic example is spending good money on expensive cleaning fluids. Great for the retail stores but not for you.

I will share a simple and most effective trick for cleaning your glasses. Mild soap and warm water.

It works a treat and cost zip !

Some people mention that the nose pads tend to go green quicker. Maybe but these are easily replaced and your glasses will last a lot longer without scratches.

One thing I must stress as sternly as possible, never never use tissues to clean your glasses. Tissues are made from wood and are as good as sandpaper. It wont happen overnight but it will happen ! Eventually you will start to see a film like appearance on your lenses. These are in fact minute little scratches and they will cost you a new pair of glasses

Just a note. Scratch resistant coatings are just that, resistant. Lenses will scratch if you treat them roughly and then we look forward to seeing you again at