Four Reasons You Should Have an Extra Pair of Eyeglasses

We can see in today’s world that people find it acceptable to buy multiple mobile phones, TV’s etc. but they tend to skimp when it comes to our eyes. There are many scenarios in which it is appropriate and sometimes necessary for us to have two separate pairs of prescription glasses. If you have ever considered the advantages of possessing two pairs of eyeglasses instead of one, we will discuss some of the best reasons why it is sometimes crucial and beneficial to hoard an extra pair along with you.


There are many people who feel unfortunate as they can’t enjoy wearing sunglasses as they have prescription glasses. Now a days it is easy to simply modify your unused eyeglasses into sunglasses as these days online eyeglasses stores charge minimum prices to modify your glasses.

This way, a person can feel fortunate when he is always prepared for the days when the sun is on full peak by making use of his useless pair of spectacle.


No matter which sports, many sports personalities suffer from vision problem that they are forced to wear lenses. Now a days most sports glasses are specifically made to be scratch, shatter, and UV resistant in a way that regular sunglasses are not. For those athletes who don’t play outdoors, it is still important to protect one of the most important and vulnerable parts of your body with indoor protective eyewear, which is also available with prescription lenses.


Many people suffer from what is called as night blindness. It is caused by genetics or by the onset of cataracts. There are many types of lenses which can help you ease your symptoms during night times. Specifically, tinted glasses with anti-reflecting coating can reduce the glare. The glasses meant for night blindness may not be effective when it is sunny outside, so it is always better to carry a second pair of eyeglasses which is the safest option.


Many people depend on these prescription eyeglasses to survive as they need to go to work or drive long distances to work etc. It is very difficult to survive with one pair when one misplaces or lose the glasses. In most cases people who have poor vision or at times the eye care professional will be using the glasses for therapy to improve their vision.

So, when these people don’t possess their eyeglasses for a week or two, they can experience headaches and struggle in the workplace. So, it is always better to carry an extra pair of eyeglasses along with you.