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How to choose frames that complement your face

Choosing the exact frame that suits your face as well as addresses your visibility remains a challenge for many people.

Frames come in different colors and shapes but not all of them suit everyone.

They shouldn’t be only used for comfort and usability; instead they must be something that reflect your personality and enhance your look. Therefore, you must choose frames that can show off your style and make you look great.

It is now scientifically proven that we all have different face shapes. No matter what type of face you are gifted with, choosing the right pair of frames can enhance your looks.

If you are going to order your glasses from AusSpecs and are confused about choosing the right frame; here are some helpful tips that will help you. Frames for oval shaped faces Oval faces appear to be longer than their width, with forehead slightly wider than the jaw.

Such faces are one of the most common varieties. If you have an oval shaped face, always buy frames that are wider than the broader part of your face. Walnut- shaped frames that are not too deep or narrow will suit almost everyone having an oval face. Rectangular frames look great on grownup men.

Rectangular faces Such people have a longer face with a square chin, a longer nose, and a strong jaw. If you are one of them, square frames will suit you the best and will make your face appear shorter and even. A frame with a low bridge will make your long nose appear shorter and will balance the overall appearance of your face.

Triangle faces A triangular face may have a broad forehead. The width of the face narrows down and has a rounded chin. Frames that are wider at the bottom will minimize the width of the upper part of the face and will give a balanced look. Small squared-shaped frames or rounded frames would also look good on such faces. Choose frames that are made of light material and have soft colors. Rimless frames can also be a good option.

Square faces Those with a square face have a strong jaw line and a broad forehead. Narrow frames particularly oval and round frames, having more width than depth can help you soften the angles of a square chin and will give an elongated look to the face. Such frames will also give a soft look to the jaw line.

Round faces Basically round faces have full cheeks and a rounded chin, so you would need frames that will make your face appear longer than it is. Since the width and the length of a round face is proportionally similar, you must choose a frame that will give more clarity to your face as well as a wide look to your eyes. Angular narrow frames will help you achieve this. Frames that are more rectangular and wider will balance the shape of your face.

Pyramid faces Pyramid shaped faces has a narrow forehead, wider cheeks, and widest chin. Therefore, your frame should be something that adds weight to the upper part of your frame. Choose frame that has detailing on the upper part and is bright in color. Such frames will attract attention and will give an evenhanded look to you. We At AusSpecs have a wide variety of frames designed to suit all face shapes and structures. All our frames are made of superior quality material in order to last longer. Ordering online from us is much easier than you can imagine. Check out our website for more details.