Reading Glasses – A misleading Term

Well in fact it really can be and some of our long term clients have even been caught with people advertising Reading Glasses for only a few dollars only to find that they have not purchased what they expected.

So why is this misleading? well it is because these may well be and usually are just magnifying glasses that can be purchased at any Chemist Shop.

That being said, Is it safe to use Magnifying glasses ? Yes it is perfectly fine to use these glasses if your prescription dictates only Plus (positive) value Spheres and they represent good value for a pair of glasses under $20

A word of warning though , if you have cylinder values, axis or prisms values on your prescription you need prescription glasses so steer well clear of magnifying glasses as there is every chance you will be damaging your eye. Just a little bit of information.

What if my script has Negative Sphere values, are these for reading. Nope. Just the opposite as these lenses are for distance viewing. can Distance and reading glasses to your own prescription for a pittance compared to the retail outlets