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Simplify your life with prescription sunglasses

During sunny day times, you may find yourself driving down the road, sun shining in your eyes. At that time you just look for sunglasses which can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce glare and maximize your vision without sacrificing on style.

Today’s advanced technologies have ensured that there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to prescription sunglasses options and many high-fashion sunglasses can accept prescription lenses, at times like these, you might find that they are much more convenient and more than worth the additional investment.

Contact lens users also find that wearing prescription sunglasses is sometimes a far more practical alternative. As regular sunglasses which you wear over your contact lenses may not provide enough protection.

For example, you should not wear your contact lenses on the beach or while swimming where your eyes can become itchy and watery. There is a great possibility of potentially serious eye infections caused by sand, microorganisms in the water and wind.

But with prescription sunglasses, you have the option of wearing them anytime outdoors without the need to search for clip-on sunglasses or deal with contact lenses.

More Advantages of using “Prescription Sunglasses” –

1) If you have a vision problem that requires corrective prescription eyewear, these sunglasses are available for virtually any lens – including bifocal and progressive lens options if you are presbyopia and need lenses to help you read that magazine or book at the pool.

2) These types of sunglasses can also help you for distance vision which needs an additional boost for reading.

3) It also comes with swimming goggles when the time comes to take a dip.

4) While choosing prescription sunglasses, your primary concern will be whether your sunglasses block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays or not. Some opticians recommend eyeglasses with photochromic lenses and a frame with integrated magnetic clip-on sunglasses. The photochromic lenses provide automatic sun-sensitive light adjustments for greater comfort in outdoors. And the clip-on sunglasses can be conveniently stored in your vehicle for those bright, sunny days when you need a darker driving lens.

After looking at the stylish generation and their demands; prescription sunglasses come with new trends like high tech sports eyewear or polarized functionality. Eyewear designers are increasingly catering for people who want vision correction as well as style and function from their sunglasses. During a thorough 360° eye consultation, your optometrist will recommend quality sunglasses that offer you the convenience of clear vision and UV protection, all in one.

We’re confident that once you experience the convenience of sunglasses in your prescription, you won’t look back!