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Recently we have had some interesting questions from clients like “are your lenses cheap quality or just cheap price.

Please be assured that our glasses (lenses and frames)  may be cheap but only by comparison to the retail stores. These exact same lenses are sold Australia Wide through optical outlets at many times the price we are asking.

In fact they are made by an Internationally acclaimed Lens Laboratory and are not seconds or anything similar. Apart from using these top quality lenses ourselves we do sell to other users. The lens Lab  supplies a large market world wide and have an excellent reputation as a quality product

Some clients query ” why are my lenses becoming scratched”

The only way that lenses can become scratched is by the client scratching them. The lenses are coated with a scratch resistant coating from the factory as standard but unfortunately  nothing is scratch proof.

If the scratches are fine and appear more like smudges or micro cracks, which impair your vision, then the answer is simple, the lenses are being cleaned with sandpaper in the form of tissues or dust or dirt impregnated cloths. Tissues are most abrasive and should not be used on optical lenses.

The only thing that you should clean lenses with is warm mild soapy water and use clean dust free cloth (preferably microfiber as is supplied with the glasses)

If you stick to this method your glasses will last until you need a new prescription.


Author : Brian Menhennett for www. AusSpecs.com.au