Suggestions for computer users – anti reflective coatings

The advancement in technology has made computers indispensable for every human being. Whether you are a busy professional who has no other alternative apart from using your PC or a stay-at-home-mom who is on a look out for parenting tips, computers are our only way to access the vast knowledge that exists on the World Wide Web.

With increasing dependency, the amount of time we spend in front of computers has also increased dramatically. However, most of us are worried about one common big issue, the extent of damage that our eyes have to suffer. The age old saying that watching too much TV or using computer for too long will make your eyes go square may not be true but it is scientifically proven that using computers for long hours can damage your eyes. The damage is usually temporary and if left unattended, it may become severe and might cause permanent damage. Some of the temporary issues that are often found in frequent computer users are headaches, itchy eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, burning sensation in eyes, etc. The main reason for such issues is eyestrain that occurs due to overworking. When you overwork, your eyes also get strained but straining is more severe when you overwork on your PC i.e. look at the screen for extended hours without frequent breaks. The glare that comes out of the screen of your laptop or PC is also a big reason for eyestrain.


We at AusSpecs highly recommend you to use anti-glare while using your PC for long hours. If you don’t have anti-glare coating on your lenses, it’s high time you must buy a new pair or coat the existing ones. The glare coming from the screen makes it difficult for your eyes to see the screen and this strains your eyes. Using antiglare coated along with anti-glare PC screens will minimize the strain and keep your eyes healthy. Apart from using anti-glare screens , here are some tips that will help you keep your eyes happy and safe.
This is an example of fluro lights indicating a green reflection which shows that anti-reflective coating has been applied to the glasses

Make sure the screen of your PC or laptop is positioned in a way that you have to look straight and slightly down. This is the natural way our eyes look at things.

Tilting the screen will prevent the glare from striking your eyes. Reflections bouncing from the ceiling will also be minimized.

Having screen at odd positions or angles can increase the strain. Never have your screen positioned higher than your eye level.

You should maintain appropriate distance from the screen. The minimum recommended distance is 18 to 20 inches.

Most people don’t realize that they blink less when they are using PCs. Blinking lubricates our eyes and when you blink less your eyes tend to dry out quickly and get tired. Other symptoms of dry eyes include redness and watery eyes. You therefore, must make a conscious effort to blink more.

We agree that avoiding laptops and PCs is not possible in this tech age, therefore, AusSpecs recommend you to take appropriate care of your eyes so that they suffer minimum damage.