Suggestions for ordering prescription glasses online

This is purely because of the misconceptions that potential buyers have in their mind.
We at Ausspecs spoke to many such potential buys and found that most of them doubt the quality of the glasses that are sold online.
Some of them also think that a face-to-face purchase is necessary to buy glasses that fit them properly.
We however, strongly recommend buying online. Although ordering glasses online can be little tricky,

genuine sites such as Ausspecs will guide you to buy the most appropriate glasses that will fit your face as well as suit your personality. Further, shopping online can save you some precious dollars. Quality will never be an issue if you choose a reliable online store like ours. Here are a couple of things that you must keep in mind while buying online.
Before you order your glasses, visit an optometrist to have your eyes examined.This is a free gift from the government every 2 years. Request your prescription. It has all the details that you would need while ordering a new pair of eye gear wear. Understanding the prescription isn’t easy but good online sellers such as Ausspecs will simply simplify things for you . If you need help with your script you are very welcome to fax your prescription at (08) 63231015 or email it to us at You are now ready to fill out the details mentioned on your prescription in our online form.

Unless you are totally comfortable with your current glasses it is best you have a prescription or if it’s more than 2 years old we strongly recommend you to evaluate your eyes and get a fresh prescription while ordering your glasses.

Filling out the online form can be little confusing because of the terminology involved in optometry. Moreover, the information on the prescription can be written in many different ways, so if you are not able to understand the values, please do not guess. Simply fax or email your prescription and we will advise you correctly

To buy glasses that fit you well, you will need to know your Pupillary distance abbreviated as PD. PD used to position the optical center of the glasses, so that they fit you well along with giving you a clear vision. This measurement is often not mentioned in the prescriptions because optometrists use this retention of the measurement to force you to return to their store to purchase your glasses.If PD is missing in your prescription, request your optometrist to check and provide you the measurement.

Apart from fitting, the material of frame is also an important thing to consider. Make sure you read the details before you order your prescription eyeglasses. We hope these details clear up the misconceptions along with helping you order the exact pair of glasses online. For further clarification, feel free to contact us and we would love to assist you.